Hokulani Beale AKA Hoku Mama, Astrologer


My name, Hokulani, was dreamt by a kupuna (elder) in my ohana (family) and given to me at birth in the ancient Hawaiian tradition.  Hokulani means 'Heavenly Star.'  If you’re of Hawaiian descent, your “Inoa” (name) is your most prized possession. Traditionally, we Hawaiians believed that an ancestral god would mystically send a name to a member of the unborn child’s family through signs, visions, and dreams, and we believed the name would be a type of prophecy of the child’s essence and future.  This belief is still held true today, so you could say that I’m fulfilling my divine calling as an interpreter of the stars.


Friends began calling me by the nickname “Hoku Mama” from as early as my freshman year of high school. Nurturing, care giving, and guiding others has always been a huge part of my calling.  Once I started studying my own natal chart, I understood why and how this is my signature way of being.  I know exactly where it comes from and more importantly, the purpose of my compassion.  I’m here to motivate, nurture and help inspire deep transformation and transcendence through love and reflection. I'm proud of my "Mama" status.


My reading style is deep, intuitive, compassionate, thorough, down to earth, and rooted in practical wisdom.  I was trained and certified in the Debra Silverman method of “Applied Astrology”, which combines Psychology, Astrology, and the study of Esoteric Law, to provide guidance that you can immediately put into action and apply in your life.