Why Astrology?

Everyone knows their sun sign, but there are 9 other planets (and numerous other signifiers) in an individual’s natal chart to consult before Astrology can even begin to be personalized and used as a practical tool.


Your natal chart (or birth chart) is essentially a snap shot of the sky, depicting the cosmic configuration of the planets and energies present in the heavens at the exact moment of your birth.  “As above, so below,” this configuration influences your personality, character, strengths, talents, fears, recurring themes/patterns and life lessons.  


Your natal chart is your personal blue print, and therefore, can be used as a roadmap to discovering your highest potential.  Your chart is full of messages, directives, predictions and solutions that are specific to you and your individual path.  It’s liberating, validating, and extremely powerful to see yourself and your reality reflected back to you in this way, allowing you to know and accept yourself, just as you are… just as you were created to be. 

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